What is Prejuvenation?

There is an old saying that the best wrinkle is the one that you never get. While rejuvenation focuses on recovery and correction prejuvenation focuses on preventing wrinkles from forming.

Prejuvenation isn’t actually a word you can find in the dictionary. It is a term that is used for Millenials that want to prevent wrinkles from setting in. When you start Botox early or if you are starting to see movement in your forehead or smile lines treating those areas before you start seeing lines would be what we would call “Prejuvenation”.

Gravity is our enemy in the anti aging world. Even when you are in your mid twenties gravity will start pulling at your face. By the time you are in your mid thirties you will have more dissent in your tissue. When you are younger using small amounts of filler will help support and help stimulate collagen and is a great way to prejuvenate your face.