IV Hydration is the quickest and most effective way to hydrate, prepare, and recover when the body has become, or will become, depleted of fluid and vitamins. Our special blend of vitamins and medications will help an athlete prepare for a rigorous workout or competition, a traveler reset from jet lag, a patient recover from illness or surgery, and those wanting to stay well and prevent aging to feel at the top of their game. 100% of the fluids, vitamins, and medications are absorbed immediately and provide rapid results.

Feel Your Best!
Be Your Best!
One DROP at a time

A few of the IV Hydration therapies offered at V-Infusion are:

"About Last Night"- Hangover Relief

"The Recovery Room"- Recover from illness, surgery, or Injury

"Reset The Clock" - Jet lag recovery

"Game ON" - Pre and Post-workout

"Turn Up The Heat" - Fuel your fat-burning Power

"The Vice Grip" - Migraine and headache relief

"An Apple A Day" - General wellness

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