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David A. Feldmar, MD

Dr. Feldmar has dedicated his entire life to the study of medicine and surgical technique. Not only is he board certified – he is double board certified, he began practicing general surgery in 2008, and plastic surgery since 2010. So not only is he a plastic surgeon enhancing women’s features, but also a general surgeon saving people’s lives. A trip around the world is the norm for Dr. Feldmar not only to travel and sight see but to volunteer his time and talent to 3rd world countries providing surgical services, such as reconstructive surgery.

“The best part about being a surgeon is my patients. I enjoy being able to help people become their best self. I have always loved science and working my hands.”

Dr. Feldmar performs all procedures pertaining to plastic surgery but he absolutely loves body contouring. Whether it be a breast enlargement or reconstruction, a tummy tuck, liposuction, non- surgical techniques or hair restoration, he truly enjoys reshaping the body to its best possible appearance. The most beautiful thing a woman can wear is confidence, and Dr. Feldmar gives that to them.

“I dedicate myself to my patients, I want all of my patients to be happy and 100% satisfied with my work, I am their go-to for all their cosmetic and reconstructive needs.”

When he isn’t wearing scrubs you can find him in jeans and a t-shirt working on the bodies of old European sports cars, he collects them and occasionally enters them into car shows.
Hardworking, dedicated, meticulous, stubborn, all mixed together with a deep empathy and compassion for others make up Dr. David Feldmar. You really can’t go anywhere in Beverly Hills without running into someone who knows him or his family, he is famous, famous for his smile, his height, his personality, his heart and his amazing skills and reputation in plastic surgery.

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