Move it to lose it.

One thing you will learn doing our Medically Supervised Weight Loss is that the best way to lose weight is to decrease our caloric intake and increase your activity level.  That sounds great in theory but changing those words into action can sometimes be difficult.  We all have struggled one time or another getting motivated to get up and move.  Life somehow gets in the way.   We all have those friends that make working out as much of a priority as they do eating, sleeping, you get the idea.  What is different about those people that workout consistently than those that don’t?  To be consistent you have to find something that you enjoy.  Whether it is walking, running, weight training, or dancing you need to try different activities to find out what you enjoy doing.  For me it is walking/jogging.  If you have knee problems walking at a brisk pace can be just as effective as jogging.  I also enjoy group fitness classes where someone is instructing me on the correct posture and movements.  It can be very intimidating at first, when you are out of shape but trust me everyone in there has been in your shoes at one time or another.

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