Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Vitality offers a medically supervised weight loss program. We combine sound nutrition, one on one consultation and follow up visits, prescription appetite suppressant and a combination of Lipotrophic B12 and B1/B6 injections to help the body metabolize and clear fat better while boosting energy as well. The program is typically completed in about 12 weeks, but as with the rest of the program this is totally customizable to the individual. We realize everyone’s needs are different, so with each consultation we set up an individualized plan.

The plans include:

  • Customized diet plans
  • One on one weekly follow-up appointments
  • Lipotrophic Vitamin B12 injections
  • B1/B6 injections
  • Prescription appetite suppressant

This system is designed to be a “livable” approach to a long term commitment to weight loss, maintenance and good health, it is nutritionally sound, has prescriptive medications and supplements to optimize you body for fat burning, provides individual accountability and a partnership with a caring staff to help you obtain your goals. In essence your success is our success. As healthcare providers we want you to not only lose weight, but develop habits that will make you healthier throughout your lifetime.

Shirley has lost over 100 Pounds!

Shirley has lost over 100 Pounds with the Vitality Weight Loss Program!