Low-Carb Living

“Low-carb living” and it’s incongruence with the typical American diet can lead to endless cycles of yoyo dieting. Our nation is definitely moving in a more carb-conscious direction, but overall, we as Americans are still accustomed to consuming immense amounts of breads, pastas, sodas, and sugary staples. In order to reach our weight loss goals, we must detox from carbohydrates and sugar and commit to finding a strategy to combat those nagging hankerings and uncomfortable side effects of early carb restriction.

When we first limit the amount of carbohydrates and sugar in our diet, it takes some time for your body to use up its own glycogen stores and start burning fat for fuel. This process normally takes anywhere from 2-7 days. 
The goal during this time is to transition your body into a fat burning machine as smoothly as possible.  Once you have conquered the first week of carb restriction, you will be well on your way to your weight loss goals!

The term “net carbs” simply refers to carbs that are absorbed by the body. To calculate the net carbs, subtract the fiber from the total number of carbs

Our body breaks starchy carbohydrates and sugar down into glucose, which our body uses for energy. You’ll feel a boost from the ride in blood glucose, but then equally, you will feel the crash. These fluctuations in glucose levels are detrimental to our mood, energy level, and weight loss potential. Limiting our carbohydrate intake allows us keep our glucose levels more consistent and trains the body to burn fat instead of relying on thee glucose for fuel.

What to expect in your first week of V-Lean

  • The first several days of the V-Lean Lifestyle involves cutting carbs and sugar, which will take the preparation of your mind and body. Carbohydrates and sugar are strategically restricted and healthy substitutes are introduced.   
  • Sugar is addictive. Your body will crave the things with sugar and carbs that you are accustomed to previously having in your diet.  
  • Change is not supposed to be comfortable. Expect to have cravings. Expect to have debates with yourself about “cheating.” Expect to want to quit. Expect all of those things and have a plan to get through the uncomfortable moments. Whatever your vice, make sure you have a V-Lean approved replacement for those moments of weakness.  
  • Preparation is key!!!! Ensure that you have adequate substitutes ON HAND for the things you know your body will crave.
  • Going through carbohydrate and sugar detox will impact everyone differently. Some expected side effects of detoxing from carbs and sugar include headache, lethargy, “brain fog,” irritability, nausea, and sugar cravings. Expect to experience these side effects to some extent, but remember that they will be minimal if you are prepared and they won’t last forever!

The V-Lean Weight Loss Plan:

The first week, you will primarily lean meats and vegetables. Beyond week one, healthy carbohydrates are reintroduced in moderation. We recommend keeping your net carbohydrate consumption to less 80 grams per day after the first week of the weight loss plan.