How to Cook a Burger

It’s that time of year….the grills are in full force and the fireworks are getting ready to fly. What will you be putting into your body during these summer holiday weekends?

According to a 2016 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the average America’s weight increases by 1 pound each holiday “season.” That adds up to about 10 extra pounds per year….that’s crazy! What you choose to put into your body can either keep you on your weight loss journey, or severely derail you. The choice is yours and yours along. The good news is that you do not have to go through your holiday celebrations feeling deprived and white knuckling through (while everyone else seems to be enjoying every morsel of calorie-laden goodies that they can put in their bellies). By planning ahead and ensuring that you have delicious food at hand that feels “special” and “celebratory,” you can stay the course and still enjoy the flavors of summer!

We have some mouth watering, diet-friendly, low carb, low calorie options for you for these summer holiday months.

We all know, the staple of any good cookout, whether it’s part of a celebration – like the 4th of July, a summer birthday, or just a June Saturday — is the cheeseburger.

Cooking a burger is one of the most simple things you can do.In addition to offering AMAZING products that support a healthy lifestyle, Butcher Box has hundreds of diet-conscious recipes on their website. Butcher Box has recipes on their website for broiled and grilled burgers that are out of this world and so easy to make! Simply follow the recipe, substitute our low carb Chaffle in place of a “real” bun, and paid with some Deviled Eggs, and you have a high protein, V-Lean friendly, summer holiday hit!

Check out their Youtube video on Broiled Burgers below:

Butcher Box’s Broiled Burgers

As most of you have noticed from my previous posts and social media pics, I am OBSESSED with Butcher Box! Butcher Box sources their meat and seafood from partners with the highest standards for quality.

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Butcher Box Meats Are:

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Check out their products. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Have no fear…

the Chaffle Bun is here!

Headed to a cookout for a summer holiday? Make some V-Lean friendly Chaffle Bread to take with you so that you can enjoy your burger on a diet-conscious bun! Just a word of advice…bring extras! These “buns” as so good, people are going to ask you to share! This recipe literally takes 3 minutes to make and will not disappoint!

Sticking to a calorie-conscious diet during the summer can feel very challenging, especially if you are a southern girl, born and raised like me. Fried chicken, cornbread, grilled burgers, and potato salad are just a few of my southern vices often served at the Fourth of July picnics and cookouts.  But of all of the southern favorites, deviled eggs have always been my favorite! 

Deviled eggs SCREAM summer to me….I could eat them with every meal!  Growing up in the south, especially during summer holidays, it was extremely rare that these yummy little devils were not served.  Lucky for me (and you) that eggs are such a diet-friendly food!