Healthy Pasta Alternatives

Where are my pasta fans?

Yep, me too! I absolutely LOVE pasta! Growing up, pasta was a staple in our household in the form of homemade mac and cheese, Irish-Italian spaghetti, and stuffed shells. These foods speak my emotional love language and provide so much comfort in times of unease or stress, which makes turning away from them quite challenging when the craving kicks in.

When I began my weight loss journey, I quickly realized that my desire for the comfort foods of home was not jiving with my weight loss goals. Thanks to some very delicious pasta alternatives that I’ve found, I can now enjoy meals that satiate my pasta craving while helping me maintain my V-Lean Lifestyle.

Please watch the video below for some amazing options to use in your kitchen in place of the traditional carb loaded pastas

Information on Healthy Noodle Alternatives

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Noodle Alternatives vs “Real” Noodles

There are many benefits to using noodle substitutes instead of splurging on the real thing. Not only are these options for noodle alternatives super low calorie and low carb, they are high in dietary fiber, a natural probiotic, they stabilize Blood Glucose levels, and are ready to eat in minutes. Because the “noodles” are made of ingredients such as hearts of palm and mushrooms, they literally are ready to eat as soon as they are heated.

You’ve taken the first step to better health, and you’ll finally enjoy your favorite meals without worrying about the calories, the carbs, and the bloat.

A note on Blood Glucose:

Blood Glucose is a sugar that circulates in your blood. High carbohydrate foods, like the regular noodle, rice, grains, etc., have a high GI (Glycemic Index)– they are rapidly digested and cause substantial fluctuations in your blood sugar. When you eat them you suddenly have lots of energy…and just as suddenly, you crash. These noodle alternatives slow down your absorption of glucose, helping your blood sugar even out so you won’t have spikes of energy and exhaustion.

Have you tried noodle alternatives?

Please make a comment on this post and let us know your feedback for these noodle alternatives. Your thoughts and opinions can help so many others that are on their own weight loss journey!