Lash Extensions

lash extensions

What are Lash Extensions?

Firstly, eyelash extensions are semi-permanent synthetic fibers used to create more volume while lengthening and extending the natural eyelashes.

Classic Eyelash Extensions - one single extension is placed on one natural eyelash.

Volume Eyelash Extensions - customized hand-made fans are designed and made for each natural eyelash and applied one.

How are Lash Extensions applied?

Secondly, your Lash Pro has the training to create a custom design for your natural lashes and the desired outcome.  As a result, your Lash Professional will use formaldehyde-free, professional eyelash extension adhesive to apply a single faux eyelash to each of your natural lashes ( or a custom-made fan of several lashes in the case of a Volume Lash set).  Importantly, the size of each extension will be selected and custom matched to each natural lash to ensure that it is a safe length and weight for the natural lash during each application. 

How long do Lash Extensions last?

Thirdly, how long extensions last will depend on several factors; the biggest one is how well you maintain your lashes.  Most importantly, fill-in appointments are necessary every 2 to 4 weeks to replace the lash set that has shed or outgrown naturally to keep your lashes beautiful. Lastly,  after the initial stage of extensions, we always advise that clients reschedule for a fill-in at two weeks as they may have lost or shed more than expected due to their shed cycle.

Will Extensions hurt or harm my natural lashes?

Importantly, extensions are applied to your existing natural lashes, away from the base, and don’t touch the skin; the natural lash does not get harmed.  Finally, the eyelash extensions do not force the natural lash to shed or break unless improperly applied or have a too heavy attachment for your natural lash.


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