Diet or Lifestyle Change Its All Up To You!

Do you say you need to go on a diet or you need a lifestyle change?  If you picked lifestyle change your are more apt to have success in your weight loss journey.  I have been on a quest this summer for a lifestyle change and I will be honest it isn’t for the faint of heart.   Full disclosure, I enjoy candy, diet coke, and Bojangles.  In no particular order.  I will be honest some days are better than others!  Vitality has one of the best Medically Supervised Weight Loss programs around and the first thing you will find out is that it is a lifestyle change.  You have to be willing to change your eating habits, commit to exercising in some form at least 3 preferably 4 days per week and be held accountable (in a good way) for everything you consume.

Accountability and support are key in any successful weight loss program.  If you have days where you slip up (and you will, trust me) you have a support system ready to help you get back on track.  Some people have triggers that cause overeating, stress mainly being the culprit.  Vitality will give you a journal to record all of your meals, or you may track your food on some great apps that are available.  Most often you can pinpoint “falling off the wagon” to something that may have happened in your personal life or job.  When you know what your triggers are then you can better prepare for them, for example I work late 2 days per week and in the past around 5 pm I would eat candy, or junk food to help give me that boost of energy until I got off at 7.  Now I pre-plan for those days and pack almonds, yogurt, or something healthy to get me over that hump.  Join me next time where I will be discussing exercise and how if this couch potato can do it you can too!

Cheers to being the best version of you!